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Primary School Döggingen 2018 - Painting and collage on wooden canvas (Original dimensions: 150 x 100 cm)

Art Project 2018 with Primary School in Döggingen (Gauchachschule)

In this unique art project and in cooperation with the primary school in Döggingen (Gauchachschule), the first task was to find a suitable topic together with the teacher and pupils, which would do adequate justice to the age (9 – 10 years) as well as the abilities of the combination-class 3/4. In addition, the project should be fun for them and ideally combine Christmas with Canvys.

During the presentation of Canvys and its core competence – the production of customer-specific monitor solutions – our thoughts manifested the image of a busy Santa Claus in his highly modern and high-capacity „gift factory“. Here, in a „smart production environment“, he puts together gifts that are individually tailored to the taste or wishes of the receiver.

Therefore, the theme of the artwork is now: "Christmas of Gift Things"

The whole project was divided into sub-themes by the teacher and implemented in smaller groups of children who enthusiastically went to work. These individually designed and beautiful unique pieces were then glued to a wooden canvas in the format of a collage and combined to form an impressive work of art.

Description of the School

The "Gauchachschule" is located in the countryside in Döggingen, the largest district of Bräunlingen near Donaueschingen. It is a small primary school with 40 pupils, divided into two combined classes 1/2 and 3/4. The daily school life of this school with its family atmosphere is characterized by a school year with many seasonally oriented activities and festivals.

Learn more about the school here (in German):

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