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Think Global, Act Local - Canvys Organization and Structures

In principle, it would be feasible in our electronic age with its real-time and diverse communication possibilities to conduct all our business centrally from one location. However, we think that this would certainly be the wrong way. Wrong in terms of obtaining and maintaining good business relationships with our customers and suppliers; wrong in terms of the right product offering; wrong in terms of existence and consistency in a complex and constantly changing market.

The display market is a world market. A serious solution provider must be globally positioned. That's Canvys for sure! As an experienced OEM supplier, we think on a global scale. At the same time, we have a local presence at all times. Directly on site at the customer to be able to offer fast support; directly at the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) to be constantly up to date with the latest information, time and technology.

Being able to act decentrally or locally means more than just maintaining good relationships: When designing solutions, it is important to know local conditions, local laws, regulatory requirements, cultural differences and habits as well as linguistic peculiarities. This is the only way to ensure that a customer can be looked after and satisfied 100% correctly. Only this additional local involvement will ultimately ensure a successful business or project as well as legal and investment security for our clients.

Please click the graphic below to zoom in and learn more about the organization of Canvys, our locations, and our global supply chain ...

Chart - Organization and Structures Canvys - Visual Technology Solutions

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Graphic - Legend

  • 1. Customers

    North America - Local Accounts

    Customers based in North America are usually served from our headquarters in the USA.


    Europe - Local Accounts

    Customers based in Europe are served via Germany. Customers based in Great Britain are served via England.


    Worldwide - Global Accounts

    These are major customers who are themselves globally positioned. They are served globally and/or locally, depending on requirements and customer wishes.

    Customers from other countries and continents than those mentioned are served from the USA or Germany as required.

  • 2. Sales Network

    Canvys is an expert in the vertical markets of medical technology and the industrial sector. Our customers are looked after by a highly qualified team of professionals and engineers.

    Our employees are specialized in the project business and are able to manage our accounts globally.

  • 3. Headquarters / Locations

    Our customers benefit from our operations in the USA and Europe. As a result, Canvys has a local and international presence, no matter where the customer is located. This setup also accommodates our global accounts, most of which have their own locations in the USA and Europe.

    In addition, Canvys has direct access to the display market in the Far East through its Asia team and thus a certain independence from the manufacturers. This way we are informed about all market movements, all developments and all events. We can always act quickly and with foresight and make the right decisions for your project (e.g. technology trends, product roadmaps, EOL processes, ...).

  • 4. Vendors / Sourcing

    As in production, so in procurement: Asia is a must!

    This is why Canvys has its own branch office in Taiwan with a highly qualified team of native Chinese speakers who report to our main offices.

    These employees form the interface to our branches in the United States and Europe. They are in direct contact with our ODM manufacturers and coordinate all processes within sourcing. Furthermore, our local team takes care of the procurement of additional components which have to be purchased in the Far East.

  • 5. Manufacturing / Fabrication

    ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Asia

    The basis of all our solutions - the actual display - is manufactured by our ODM and CM partners in Asia according to our strict specifications. As already mentioned several times: In the monitor business there is no alternative to Asia! Displays and Asia are an inseparable pair. Every large and serious display technology provider knows this.

    CM (Contract Manufacturer) in USA, Europe and Germany

    Depending on the customer's project or application requirements, further modifications are made either with contract partners in America or Germany or as small series in Canvys' own production.

Richardson Electronics (Canvys) - Worldwide Locations

As a division of Richardson Electronics, Canvys has equal access to all locations (warehouses and distribution centers) worldwide.

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Global Supply Chain

Global markets require an efficient global supply chain across all stations. This "Global Supply Chain" is an important part of the infrastructure of Canvys (and Richardson Electronics).

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