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Medical / Healthcare

For everything from patient diagnosis, treatment and monitoring to facility administration, advanced visual technology has become an integral part of today’s healthcare industry.


As a longtime provider of healthcare solutions, Canvys has the expertise to deliver the advanced display systems your staff needs. We specialize in creating comprehensive solutions for diagnostic and clinical review, 3-D and post processing, operating suites and modality-specific applications.

Medical OEM Customers

With more than 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of customised display solutions for some of the largest OEM customers in the medical industry, Canvys understands the unique challenges of these clients and their customers. And we take on these challenges by addressing them immediately.

We are experts!

The Biggest Challenges

Ensuring the long-term availability of deployed displays.

Every one of our display solutions is developed, customised and manufactured with the goal of long-term availability in mind. Canvys understands that OEM customers have to count on product cycles of 3 to 5 years and longer. The system is only as strong as its weakest link. Changes to system components can cause considerable amounts of time and money to re-test, re-certify and re-train users. With this understanding, Canvys contracts with its suppliers to make sure that all components will be available for the duration of the project. During the project, we advise our customers when lower cost components are available in the event that a mid-cycle change makes financial sense.


Streamlining OEM workflow processes

Working with the OEM during the consultation phase, Canvys engineers identify opportunities to improve workflow efficiency based on the needs of the environment. With the understanding that the OEM may have to physically handle or “install” the display when they receive it, the display solution is designed in a way such that the end result is a virtual plug and play or drop-in for the OEM. With this being achieved, the setup time is greatly reduced thus eliminating costs.


Improving and increasing display usability

As a value-added manufacturer and value-added integrator, Canvys has a vast amount of technology options available. By adding the right touch technology or a protective shield to a display, the end user experience can be greatly enhanced.


Ensuring Display Compatibility

Canvys engineers test OEM systems for compatibility in addition to testing touch, display, and peripheral drivers. This testing ensures that conflicts with any of the systems components are avoided.


Canvys leverages our relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers to have access to the advanced features OEMs want and need.

Our Expansive Product And Service Portfolio Includes

  • Protective panels (easy-to-clean, reducing risk of infection/bacteria)
  • Integrated Touch Panels (Resistive and SAW technologies) for use with or without gloves
  • Agency approvals including UL60601-1
  • Panel pre-selection (lower pixel defect specifications)
  • Custom enclosures, labeling, logos, cabling
  • Preset functions (disable inputs, user lock out)
  • Preloaded OEM defined user settings
  • Global manufacturing & sourcing
  • Inventory management
  • Service/Support options

Canvys’ display offering is not complete without our standard medical productline which boasts top of the line features, benefits, and design such as:

  • Extensive size selection
  • Touch integrateable
  • Shortened lead time for product delivery

Our Healthcare Services Include

Canvys also understands that the health of your patients depends on flawlessly performing systems. That's why we offer you expert support through TekLink®, our professional services group.

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