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Canvys - Experts In Customized Display Solutions

Every customer has particular needs, depending on the market it serves, and all customers require superior product reliability. At Canvys we know that and we pride ourselves on delivering it — through partially and fully customized solutions and long-term availability.

In the following paragraph we will show you which custom solutions can be realized by Canvys.

Please be aware that these are only some possibilities.

So contact us for your individual and special solution: Contact or start a quick request

1. LCD Panels

  • Canvys has access to the newest display technologies and panel manufacturers. We are usually able to deliver any panel size.
  • Formats: 4:3 / 5:4 /16:9 and 16:10.

2. Mechanical Design and Validation

  • We design and engineer innovative custom LCD display solutions.
  • We optimize LCD modules in order to enhance display performance and design.
  • Our in-depth testing and validation process is applied throughout the product development process.

3. Various Touch Solutions

4. Protective Shields Integration

  • Acrylic or glass.
  • Protect against physical contact and unstable environments.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Excellent anti-glare characteristics.
  • Anti-Reflective and Privacy films.

5. Controller / IOs / PC Integration

  • We offer a wide range of controller solutions with inputs in many combinations.
  • Canvys is able to integrate and deliver SBCs (Single Board Solutions) and PCs based on your application needs.

6. Custom Built Enclosures

  • We utilize only the highest quality materials.
  • We use injection molding, deep drawing, SLA prototyping, strand-casting, and die-casting.
  • We offer various housing designs: open frame, panel / chassis / rack mount, customized bezel, back cover design, cable management, rugged housings, slim and light weight designs.

Learn more here.

7. Stands / Bases / Mounting

  • Different designs, materials, colors.
  • Private Labeling or Logos.
  • Cable management.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Tilt/Swivel function.
  • VESA compliant mounting patterns.
  • Other mounting possibilities.
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