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True Flat for a Host of Applications!

The new display series from Canvys with projected capacitive touch

Canvys True Flat Monitors can now be supplied for a whole host of applications. The displays are now available in medical, industrial and desktop models with the corresponding certification.

This chart gives an overview of the various models (click on image to enlarge):

Chart showing different models and applications of the Canvys True Flat Series

Unique selling points of the Canvys True Flat LCD series

  • Completely flat front surface without any edges where dirt could collect
  • Non-reflective glass front as standard
  • Slim housing design
  • Optional projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen 
  • Multi-touch function
  • Suitable for use with latex gloves
  • Gesture recognition
  • High light permeability
  • IP54 / 65 on front

Click here for an excellent, detailed explanation of projected capacitive touch technology.

True Flat Basic Information

The completely flat front of the True Flat Displays (with no edges where dirt can collect) makes the monitors easy to wipe clean and disinfect with standard cleaning equipment. No liquid can get inside the monitor.

The True Flat Displays are available in diagonals of 18.5", 21.5", 23.8" / 24", 27", 32" and as 4K Displays as 43" and 55" (other sizes available upon request).

The LCD panels used have excellent viewing angle values, so that the content displayed remains legible from all sides when viewed. All displays in the series come with LED1)- backlighting for enhanced contrast and lower energy consumption compared with conventional LCD panels with CCFL2) backlighting.


1) LED - Light Emitting Diodes (Wikipedia-Link)
2) CCFL - Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (Wikipedia-Link)

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