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Canvys True Flat G Series: Panel-PC Version

Main Features

  • Uniform appearance when using multiple monitors and/or panel PCs
    • In addition to the Panel-PC (All-in-One), also available as a monitor
    • Same design for Panel-PC and monitor
    • Both versions available in sizes 21.5" and 23.8/24"
    • Space-saving through slimline True Flat design
  • Medical certification according to the latest standard
  • Sophisticated flat design, simplified cleaning and disinfection
  • Excellent heat management without ventilation slots (provides additional dust protection, IP 65 front and IP X1 whole unit)
  • Fanless, making it very quiet in operation
  • Screw-on I/O back cover protects the interfaces from external influences

A Wide Array Of Options

  • Protective glass or PCap (antireflection coated with AR or AG coating)
  • Additional module with additional interfaces and 5 kV insulation
  • WLAN / Bluetooth
  • RFID / NFC
  • Webcam, reading light
  • Backup battery
  • Low voltage supply 9–36 V (wide range)


True Flat G All-in-One Version with optional I/O Upgrade

Countless Customizing Options *

(* depending on the required quantities of the project)

  • Intel® Core™ i7-6300U
  • User-defined interfaces
  • Branding
  • Housing color
  • OSD button
  • Color of the backlight

Your custom option is not included?

Then just ask us about it! As an expert for custom monitor solutions, we can usually implement almost any specific requirement.

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True Flat G Panel-PCs: Application Examples

Panel PC as a control and monitoring unit in the operating room

All networked devices are centrally controlled and monitored by the panel PC. Our True Flat G Panel-PC is ideal for this and represents the intelligent system with integrated PC in a series of pure monitors. Due to the uniform design of all devices, a homogeneous overall picture is also ensured in the monitor mix.

Panel PC as patient data management system

Protection and careful handling of sensitive patient data is often the first priority in medical applications. Our All-in-One solutions of the True Flat G Series with integrated PC have the latest medical approvals and are extraordinarily suited for this important application scenario in an operating room environment.

Panel PC for mobile hospital ward workstations

This is a very interesting application area which we would like to consider in the following as a kind of "case study". We want to demonstrate why the panel PCs of the True Flat G models are particularly appropriate for this application.

The following characteristics represent the most important requirements for a "mobile hospital workstation" (patient beds, carts, trolleys). These requirements are fulfilled by our True Flat G Panel-PCs down to the smallest detail:


  • An HMI unit consisting of a modern PC and advanced display (Panel- PC).
  • Highly integrated and compact solution which uses very little space due to its slimline design.
  • Network connection via WLAN and mobile Bluetooth interface (options).
  • Power supply (9–36 V) through external or internal battery possible

Medical conformity

  • The solution has the latest medical approvals: CE (IEC / EN60601-1: ed. 3.1, IEC / EN60601-1-2:2014 / 2015, 4th ed.).
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection guaranteed by closed housing (IP 65 front and IP X1 whole unit) and True Flat design without dirt-collecting edges

Efficiency and performance

  • State-of-the-art components and processors of the latest generation offer a balanced mix of energy efficiency and performance index.

Expandability, capacity to be adapted, and customizing

  • Technical upgrades are possible through several options, such as extension of existing interfaces to include an optional I/O module.
  • Customer-specific modifications are possible through customizing, including matching the device design requirements of the customer such as the logo of the hospital or systems house.

Long-term availability

  • As you are used to from Canvys, you will be provided with long-term solutions and components to ensure your investments are safe for years to come and can grow with your progress.
  • Canvys provides you with various after-sales services (such as end-of-life process)

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